Leaders in the development of the batteries of the future

We are specialists in the integral development of batteries for those applications where commercial batteries do not reach. We perform all kinds of services and developments about customized batteries, such as:

Battery Design, Sizing and Characterization
  • Battery sizing.
  • Obtaining digital twins and SCADAs.
  • Selection of optimal lithium chemistry.
  • Cell and battery cycling, characterization and aging tests. Acquisition of key performance curves and parameters.
BMS Development
  • o Integral design of BMS (Battery Management Systems).
  • Development of data acquisition and processing electronics.
  • SoX algorithms
Electro-mechanical development and integration of high performance batteries
  • Electrical and layout design.
  • Sizing and design of cooling system.
  • Mechanical design of brackets, and enclosures
  • Hybridization with other technologies such as supercapacitors
  • Integration with other systems.
Manufacturing and Testing
  • Prototype Manufacturing
  • Test Bench Generation.
  • Validation Plan Execution.
  • Preseries Manufacturing.
  • Industrialization Plan Design.


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