"Smart Energy on the Move"

At Abervian we develop Energy Management Systems capable of intelligently monitoring and controlling all types of systems capable of producing, storing or consuming energy, such as photovoltaic or wind power plants, batteries, inverters and power converters, electric vehicle chargers or consumption from any source.

The main features to be developed are:

  • Communication and control of all types of energy generation, storage, and consumption devices (inverters, rectifiers, batteries, DCDC converters, electric vehicle chargers, and general consumption).
  • Development of Cloud and SCADA platforms for monitoring, error detection, and remote control.
  • Algorithm development for the prediction of photovoltaic production.
  • Algorithm development for consumption forecasting.
  • Dynamic access to energy prices.
  • Development of control strategies for optimizing battery use based on price, production, and consumption.
  • Demand Control (Demand Response).
  • Peak-shaving.

All of this, for applications such as Energy Communities or Smart Grids.