"Smart charging, unlimited mobility: innovative solutions for all types of transportation"

Abervian leads in both partial and comprehensive developments related to the charging of electric transportation systems. They specialize in integrating power electronics, storage systems, communications, and control systems, showcasing their expertise in creating efficient and sustainable solutions for electric mobility. Our services include:

  • Conceptual design and solution sizing.
  • Selection and integration of AC and DC power electronics.
  • Development or selection and integration of first and second-life batteries.
  • Integration of renewable production systems such as photovoltaic installations.
  • Static or onboard solutions. Development of enclosures and mechanical systems. Containerized solutions as well.
  • Comprehensive design of the systems.
  • Integration of cooling and safety systems.
Development of Control System/EMS
  • Development of EMS for the real-time integration and control of all subsystems.
  • Control of charging processes according to CCS2, MCS, and CHAdeMO standards in Modes 3 and 4.
  • Digitalization, monitoring, and control of all variables and processes through custom protocols or via OCPP.
  • Remote control of chargers via OCPP.
  • Implementation of advanced control strategies, such as smart grid charging, peak shaving considering available power and other consumptions, or optimal battery charging profiles.
  • Development of SCADA systems and cloud-based monitoring platforms.
Development of Communication Electronics for Mode 3 and Mode 4 Charging
  • Within this division, our products related to Mode 3 and Mode 4 charging stand out:

    • EVCC (Electric Vehicle Charge Controller) for the control of single-phase and three-phase chargers.
    • SECC (Supply Equipment Charge Controller) for the control of charging processes of OBCs (On-Board Chargers).


Light mobility


Additionally, we also work on projects developing non-conventional charging technologies, such as Inductive Charging or Battery Swapping.