Participation in the ELECTRA project, CDTI PTA for innovation in energy sustainability in the aerospace industry.

We present the project funded by CDTI, within the 2023 Aeronautical Technological Program, in which Abervian is a participating actor alongside Embention, Fiber Laminates, and Zelestium, leaders in their respective fields. An initiative at the forefront of the electrification of the aerospace sector.

The ELECTRA project aims to electrify the propulsion system of ultralights, vertical take-off and landing aircraft (eVTOL), and other manned electric aircraft. To achieve this, it relies on energy storage technologies using cutting-edge batteries and energy management systems to provide sustainable and innovative solutions in this field.

The social goal pursued by this project is based on the sustainable energy revolution by establishing propulsion through 100% electric sources. This provides these modes of transportation with a drastic reduction in emissions, both gases and acoustics, by eliminating the factor of internal combustion, thus improving air quality and quality of life by reducing noise pollution.

Sustainability translates into reduced energy consumption and increased flight autonomy to cover longer distances. Additionally, it results in reduced mechanical complexity, allowing for lower maintenance costs and increased reliability in aircraft operations.

This collaborative project promotes technical synergies among the participating companies, Abervian contributes its advanced expertise in Battery Management Systems (BMS), reflected in the development of an advanced BMS for monitoring and controlling state of charge, temperature, and other key parameters to ensure efficient and convenient use of electric batteries, maximizing the use of stored energy and cell lifespan.

Zelestion, on the other hand, will focus on the development of cutting-edge battery technologies, designing and manufacturing high-capacity, efficient, durable, and powerful accumulators tailored for aviation applications.

Embention will be responsible for the development and manufacturing of the propulsion system, consisting of the motor, controller, and propeller, as well as the implementation of a “Fly-by-wire” control system with distributed redundancy to ensure system reliability.

And, to complete this collaborative team, Fiber Laminates, a company specialized in manufacturing ultralights, will be responsible for adapting all the systems involved in the powertrain and energy management to an existing aircraft, which has the particular characteristic of vertical take-off.